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GCzII Downloader

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Application downloads inventory items for defaults. If cache contains any items in inventory, it must open page with details for this item to get them. If you don't use inventory, turn downloading off in settings by unchecking Download trackables option. It will speed up cache downloading.


If you want to download caches as fast as possible, set logs for download to less or equal 25. If you set more, application must connect to another page to download them, so you must wait longer. In case you want to download all logs, set value to -1.

Static maps

You can define your own map types for cache listing. Map types for waypoints are hard-coded in GCzII so you should just set values for them same as in GCzII (Menu-Option-Static map settings).

Static maps - Downloading

Consider setting high number of downloaded map types or turning downloading maps on! Maps are downloaded from Google StaticMaps API which has some limitations. The most important one is that you can download maximum of 1000 unique maps per day. But my experience is this number can be much lower. This API also dislikes downloading lot of maps at once and returns error 403 in this case. I can't do anything with these limitations.
If you download few caches, you can download even waypoint maps without worries. For larger ammount of caches, it's better to turn downloading waypoint maps off. It you download more than about 40 caches, there will be probably complications even with downloading maps only for listing.

Calculate distance to

If you want to display small compass and distance in GCzII you can set your coordinates here.

Proxy server

Proxy is set up automatically using system setting. However you can set this by yourself in settings. Unfortunatelly I'm not capable to test this function properly so I'm not sure if this even works... :(

Update check

If this is checked, application checks for new version and definitions on its startup. If there's new version, it give you download link. If there are new definitions, it downloads and update them automatically.
Definitions are supposed to parse pages on So if there is any change on, you don't have to update whole application.