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GPS and geocaching tools 4 pc & ppc

GCzII Tool

This application displays geocaches from GCzII on downloaded map. It also can download cache lists to GCzII.

Map can be downloaded from Google Maps (road, terrain, satellite), Bing Maps (road, satellite) and OpenStreetMap. It's also possible to create custom definitions for downloading maps from other servers.
GCzII Tool - Map of downloaded caches
- displaying and following GPS position on map
- displaying course and distance to selected geocache
- sound alert if cache is near
- filtering caches according to their type and found/disabled
- simple compass for selected cache or position on map
- realtime display distance for all caches in list
- connection with GCzII using its "Google map" links
- switching between kilometers/miles and czech/english languages
- downloading map using PC
- and more...

NOTE: GCzII must be properly installed and there must be also downloaded at least one cachelist, otherwise GCzII Tool will not start and display error that GCzII directory not found.

Windows Mobile touchscreen devices are only supported (tested on WM 6.5.3 Professional).