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GPS and geocaching tools 4 pc & ppc

GCzII Tool

Definitions are saved in usermaps.txt file which is located in GCzII Tool directory. File must be saved in UTF-8 encoding.
Each definition on one line.

Definition format:
"{Map name}" {max zoom} {image format} {tile coordinate type} {http address} [ref:{http referer}]

{...} - variable, [...] - optional (keep order)

{Map name} - name of map

{max zoom} - maximal map zoom (highest possible value is 18, smallest is 8)

{image format} - jpg, png

{tile coordinate type} - xyz (google/openstreet maps x,y and zoom coordinates), quad (bing maps quadkey - check here)

{http address} - (*) for xyz coordinates must contain {0} - x, {1} - y, {2} - zoom; for quad coordinates must contain {0} - quadkey

{http referer} - (*) some servers require it otherwise returns 403 error


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