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Error on Startup "Unxpected Error in Cachelist Downloader"

Author Ingo
Forums Member
#1 | Posted: 5 Nov 2011 13:23 | Edited by: Ingo
When i start the App i get an Error

"Unexpected Error in Cachelist DownloaderSystem.Windows.Forms, Version"

It looks like that there is an incompatitibility of the .NET Framework.

If have a TyTN II with the CF 2 installed. Additional i have the CF 3.5 installed.

Can someone please help me?
Author jenda^^
#2 | Posted: 5 Nov 2011 13:35
Hello and welcome!

Cachelist Downloader is software for desktop Windows. You can't run it on your mobile.
On desktop, you should have at least .NET Framework 3.5 installed.
Author Ingo
Forums Member
#3 | Posted: 5 Nov 2011 13:46
Uups. Missunderstood. Sorry.

I've seen the picture of the Desktop-Screenshot.

But how can i download the caches when i am on the road??

Author jenda^^
#4 | Posted: 5 Nov 2011 13:49
Only using GCzII... But it unfortunately doesn't work now, I know
Author Ingo
Forums Member
#5 | Posted: 5 Nov 2011 13:57

If you are develop an app on the .NET Framework, the Compact Framework (Subset of the .NET Framework for the PC) is not that far away. So i think this app can work with some changes direct on the PDA.
Author jenda^^
#6 | Posted: 5 Nov 2011 21:58 | Edited by: jenda^^
Yep, I know that and I made my geocaching.com parsing library to work on Compact Framework too. I did some experiments with it this evening and it worked flawlessly!

So maybe I'll try to add this functionality to my GCzII Tool one day
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