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No download of "Found_My"

Author Micha_X1
Forums Member
#1 | Posted: 2 Jan 2012 17:58
Hello Jenda,

first I wanna say thank you for this wonderful program. I'm very happy about this nice tool!

But in your newest version (0.6 build 4351) is a little bug. The programm doesn't download my already found caches, either when I set the checkbox (File - Settings - Found_My) or when I set it not. I earlier versions this feature was working.

Please can you fix it?

Thank you in advance!
Author jenda^^
#2 | Posted: 8 Jan 2012 22:07
Hmm... I'll look at it. Thanks for report!
Author Micha_X1
Forums Member
#3 | Posted: 13 Feb 2012 02:46
Hello jenda,

have you someting? The error still exists.
Author jenda^^
#4 | Posted: 13 Feb 2012 17:25 | Edited by: jenda^^
I know, I haven't updated Downloader yet. If you really need this, you can try to edit parsing.txt file and replace this line:


To this:


It should work too, but you'll have to revert it back as you'll want to hide found caches again.
Author Micha_X1
Forums Member
#5 | Posted: 15 Feb 2012 11:12
Yes, thank you, this is working fine! I'm happy again
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