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GPS and geocaching tools 4 pc & ppc

GCzII Tool

Development of this app is discontinued!
Standalone addition for GCzII.
It uses GCzII's cachelists and cache database for displaying geocaches on downloaded map.
It also can download caches from internet to the GCzII (simplified mobile version of GCzII Downloader)


GCzII Tool v1.1 (build 4351) 11/30/2011 722 kB Download
• added: "favorite points" support (cache rating by premium members) - in cache list as letter "F"
• added: Zoom in/out option, which switches between downloaded maps only (in menu opened by tapping middle of the map screen or pressing confirm /enter/ button)
GCzII Tool v1.0 (build 4349) 11/28/2011 734 kB Download
• new: downloading caches from (simplified GCzII Downloader)
• new: work without GCzII or setting custom cache database directory
• new: simple compass which displays cache and sun position. You can target it your direction, to North or to sun position
• new: two types of sound alert if selected cache is near
• new: pictures in cache details (images in Internet Explorer must be on), list of logs
• new: mark cache as found
• new: "magnifier" - magnify map without downloading bigger zoom level
• new: display small compass and distance in list of caches and automatic sorting
• new: download map on display, around caches or even multiple map types and zooms
• new: application can be runned on Windows computer so you can download map much faster. You can export it for printing on paper
• fixed: map rendering should be bit faster
• fixed: some small problems
• known issues:
1) map tiles get mixed or even don't load if you scroll map fast (it can be solved using Options-Map-Redraw map)
2) I possibly won't develop this app (for WM) anymore because I'm going to buy Android phone.
GCzII Tool v0.1 (build 4139) 5/2/2011 704 kB Download
• initial release
• GPS on COM is very slow and untested. I recommend using GPS Mod Driver (enhances GPS precision, especially on devices with Qualcomm processor) and GPS Intermediate Driver.