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GCzII Downloader

Tool for downloading cachelists to GCzII.
You simply paste geocache codes or enter location and it downloads all needed informations and creates cachelist and cache details for GCzII.
Attention! You have to have your profile switched to English language!
GCzII Cachelist Downloader
This has few advantages against downloading in GCzII:
  • Downloading is much faster
  • You choose caches by their codes so it doesn't download any other caches pointlessly
  • In addition you can download terrain and hybrid static maps for listing
  • GCzII often stops working due to changes on - new versions of Downloader are released sooner
Since version 0.1 (build 4148) Downloader can download even cache listings so you don't have to connect to the internet using your mobile phone at all.

If you download cachelist using GCzII and you don't have premium account, there are problems while you try to sort caches by distance (Menu - Sort By - Distance from...). Cachelists downloaded using this Downloader can be sort without problems.

You don't have to worry about putting your login to Downloader. It's sent only for logging in on (using encrypted HTTPS protocol). If you set to Remember login, password is saved in encrypted form.