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GPS and geocaching tools 4 pc & ppc

GCzII Downloader

Tool for downloading geocaches to GCzII.
You simply paste geocache codes or enter location and it downloads all needed information and creates cachelist and cache details for GCzII.


GCzII Downloader v0.7 (build 5074) 11/22/2013 138 kB Download
• fixed login issues on
GCzII Downloader v0.7 (build 4875) 5/7/2013 140 kB Download
• Fixed static maps (but I don't have any WM device to test if it works corectly in GCzII)
GCzII Downloader v0.6 (build 4351) 11/30/2011 143 kB Download
• added: "favorite points" support (cache rating by premium members)
GCzII Downloader v0.5 (build 4344) 11/23/2011 143 kB Download
• Name shortened to GCzII Downloader
• added: clipboard monitoring - automatically add cache codes from copied text
• added: cache type filtering for nearby search
• added: option to set cache count for adding to list in nearby search
• added: selecting multiple items in cache list (faster deleting)
• fixed: nearby search worked for 10 pages only (max. 200 caches)
• fixed: log images checkbox didn't work - images always downloaded
• known issue: app doesn't work, if is switched to non-english language
GCzII Downloader v0.4 (build 4332) 11/11/2011 137 kB Download
• fixed: found cache filtering in nearby search works better now
GCzII Downloader v0.4 (build 4331) 11/10/2011 137 kB Download
• added: options to skip Found or Disabled caches when adding to download list using nearby search
• fixed: log-in failed with usernames containing diacritics or some special characters
• known issue: If skipping found/disabled caches, there might be nothing displayed after nearby search (all near caches are found) and it's needed to click on More button until caches are displayed. Will be fixed in next version.
GCzII Downloader v0.4 (build 4324) 11/3/2011 131 kB Download
• new: importing caches nearby entered address or coordinates (using Google Geocoding API)
• new: downloading inventory items (travelbugs, geocoins...)
• fixed: downloading more (or less) than 25 cache logs
• fixed: displaying number of not/found in cache logs list on right softkey
• fixed: map downloads sometimes returned error 403 - it's antiflood protection of google. Inserted 500 ms timeout between map downloads, hopefully it will be enough
• note: Inventory downloading accesses webpage for every inventory item - if you don't need inventory, you can turn this off in settings. It will speed up cache downloading.
• note: Cache logs downloading is a bit similar - if you set downloading more than 25 logs, it will make one additional request to download rest of logs.
GCzII Downloader v0.3 (build 4315) 10/25/2011 128 kB Download
• added: external file with parsing definitions
• added: automatic definitions download (when checking for application update)
• fixed: waypoints on west hemisphere were shown on east ("minus" was missing)
• fixed: caches with longitude >=100 weren't downloaded (app was checking up to two-digit numbers only)
• fixed: recognizing more log types
• fixed: hopefully it recognizes if cache is PMO and/or you're owner
• fixed: already downloaded caches weren't added to cachelist file if cache overwriting was disabled
• fixed: special characters in title and some other field shouldn't be displayed as HTML entities anymore
• known issues:
1) some people have problems that it is not saved any file and I can't find out why from logs (was it that cache overwriting problem?), if you still have issues, please post it on forum;
2) images with long address (more than 255 characters) aren't saved (mostly FTF generators etc.);
3) there is missing not/found count in log list (right menu button)
4) inventory is not downloaded, hopefully implemented in next version
5) known bugs from previous version are not fixed if not mentioned as "fixed"
GCzII Downloader v0.2 (build 4308) 10/18/2011 234 kB Download
• added: checking for update
• fixed: saved settings didn't load
GCzII Downloader v0.2 (build 4300) 10/10/2011 230 kB Download
• new: import and export cache codes (plain text file, one cache code per line)
• new: proxy settings (not tested)
• fixed: logging in to (caused by changes on website)
• fixed: downloading logs
• known issues: downloading 25 logs for every cache; caches with special chars in title display incorrectly in GCzII
GCzII Downloader v0.1 (build 4149) 5/12/2011 221 kB Download
• Added option to send log after download
GCzII Downloader v0.1 (build 4148) 5/11/2011 217 kB Download
• Fixed logging-in in new design
• Added support for downloading cache details (after logging-in)
• Images download
• Static-maps download (attention, Google limits map downloads per day)
• Custom static maps definition (for main cache location)
• Doesn't support trackables inventory
GCzII Downloader v0.0.0.1 3/23/2011 163 kB Download
• Initial release.
• Supports logging in
• Without logging in it doesn't download cache coordinates (can't sort by distance in GCzII)
• Premium caches not tested. However it should work when logged in with premium account.
• should be switched to english language when logged in.